NICE at the Independent Film Exhibition Conference

NICE at the Independent Film Exhibition Conference

A big welcome back to the Independent Film Exhibition Conference IND/EX, formerly known as Art House Convergence! After years on hiatus, this important meeting of independent film exhibitors has returned to real success.

NICE was delighted to spend five days meeting with partners, attending interesting presentations and finding community with our US and European counterparts. Canadians were represented as well, and it was exciting to see Corinne Lea from the Rio Theatre in Vancouver, BC, on a panel called Narrating and Building Through Changing Times.

Everything from succession planning, board of director management and tracking core metrics, to how to capitalize on the repertory revival, was explored with great insight. Vendors, partners and distributors from across the industry were able to converge at dedicated trade shows.

NICE represented the Canadian perspective on a panel about how to build audience and success for international titles, along with representatives from the Loft Cinema, Goethe Institute / German Films, CICAE the International Confederation of Art Cinemas / Yorck Kinogruppe, and Alamo Drafthouse.

Independent film exhibitors around the world are finding that new, younger audiences are coming out for repertory and more inventive programs. It’s a beautiful trend for our venues who do it for the love of film and can cater to their unique communities.

Congratulations to Art House Convergence and Film Festival Alliance who made this wonderful event happen. We hope to bring more Canadians into the mix next year!