Movie Memory, in a cinema near you

Movie Memory, in a cinema near you

Starting today, NICE members of all shapes and sizes across the country have begun sharing the Movie Memory ad spot in their pre-show and more.

Participating members stretch from Whitehorse, Yukon, to Powell River, BC, to Montreal, QC, to Charlottetown, PEI, to Lloydminster, SK, to Hay River, NWT, and the list goes on.

The ad is being shown on 118 NICE big screens reaching over 20,000 seats that host over 100,000 shows annually.

We’re especially delighted to see two NICE members featured in the spot: in Oakville, ON, and The Fox in Toronto, ON. They look great on the big screen.

This initiative could not take place without the support and coordination of Telefilm. It is a wonderful endorsement of the magic of movie-going which we all believe in. Thank you NICE members for participating in this exciting initiative.