Join our letter-writing campaign: Support my cinema

Join our letter-writing campaign: Support my cinema

This campaign is now closed!

Below is the content from the letter-writing campaign to support independent cinemas across Canada:

Write your elected representatives in support of independent cinemas! Your message will be emailed to your local representatives, based on the postal code you provide.

Across Canada, independent cinemas do the important work of sharing stories and building community. Many of your favourite cinemas are labours of love, run by people who work hard to create unique experiences for their audience. 

Independent cinemas need structural support and policy changes in order to thrive, or even survive. The Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE) has collaborated on a proposal defending this important industry—before it’s too late.


Dear [recipient position will go here] [recipient name will go here],

Do you support [submission:values:your_favourite_cinema]?

I know our community gains from having a great independent cinema, not just because it’s fun to go see a movie, but because these cinemas bring all kinds of economic, cultural and health benefits.

Did you know that Canada’s independent cinemas face structural barriers, and could use your support in order to thrive—or even survive?

I am asking you to read the Network of Independent Canadian Exhibitors (NICE)’s recommendations regarding how to support our independent cinemas:

Show [submission:values:your_favourite_cinema] that you are invested in their growth, and that you are committed to fairness for cinemas across Canada.

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Why your letter is important:

  • Independent cinemas are connected to their neighbours, show a range of films they know their audience will love, and reach Canadians in both rural and urban areas. Learn more
  • Independent cinemas support their communities with economic, cultural and health benefits. Learn more
  • As the motion picture industry shifts back to theatrical, it is clear that Canadian films need Canadian independent cinemas. Learn more 
  • Today, independent cinemas need political support. They face unfair barriers due to the demands of zones and clean runs, and must build capacity in order to fulfil their critical mission.